Yannick Jadot: “The COP26 is a political failure”

The candidate environmentalists for president was the guest of the Club of the economy of the “World”, Tuesday, November 16.

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The commitments made at the conference will fail to contain global warming to 1.5 degrees, regrets the Green candidate in the presidential election of 2022.

What is your assessment of the COP26?

Each time a COP stands, I wonder whether to go. Last looked like a trade show where the heads of state have feathered leaders speech not caring the next day. The five hundred fossil fuel lobbyists outnumbered in Glasgow that representatives of the threatened flooding islands. It is a political failure. However, COP is multilateralism. Must be defended because iI there will be no solution to climate problems without international cooperation. Dictators or apprentices dictators like Bolsonaro, Trump and Putin are climate skeptics, not because they deny scientific reality, but because they refuse the idea of ​​international cooperation. Their software is us against them or against them. We must counter this.

The final draft including foundered on the fact that India refused to mention the extinction of coal. This country represents 7% to 8% of emissions of greenhouse gases, against less than 1% for France. How to solve the climate problem without shipping any emerging countries, mainly those in Asia?

You point the behavior of India, but the problem is much broader. All its commitments, including in Europe, do not put us on the path of a limited warming to 1.5 degrees maximum. It would have been increase to 65% emissions reduction by 2030. The European Parliament proposed 60%, states have reduced to 53%. The problem is conformism or vis-à-vis lobbies complacency.

The lobbies have good back. Is not it rather difficult to change the model which explains the delay?

Governments know the reality of climate change, but they are in denial about the climate emergency. They set up what I call the “avoidance ecology”. They see it as a constraint. Europe says: “The US pollute more than us.” The United States responds: “The problem is China.” The companies ask that sets the rules for CO 2 at European level, and ministers invite to pollute more than twice the standard.

with the Green Deal, Europe did not she seized the subject?

If a bit. It is the impact of the European ecologists votes, young people that work for the climate. This is the impact of a company impacted by climate change. But it remains far off. Since 2009, the North pledged 100 billion [88.4 billion euros] annually to the South to help them have a climate transition and adapt. It is not there. They remain deaf to demand more and more legitimate for losses and damages. When struck by a cyclone, are you helped to repair? Northern countries do not want to recognize because they think to do is hire a litigious climate issue.

Where are your allies in Europe?

The Greens are in coalition in six European countries. They will be a priori in the next German government. There is considerable expectation vis-à-vis France for it to become in turn an actor of transformation. What I saw in Glasgow’s amazing: seven European countries, including Germany, attended a press conference to criticize France who, to save its nuclear sacrificed a climate in alliance with Poland’s coal and gas lobbies European countries of the East. Where is the spirit of the Paris Agreement?

The other major challenge is to redefine the role of Europe in international relations. I wish that France blocks all free trade agreements. My problem is not to stop trade with other countries, but to question the nature of business relationships that are forged. Agreements are concluded with Australia, whose Prime Minister is half climatosceptique, with China which is the worst dictatorships after North Korea. We must stop this. The EU must be much stronger from the standpoint of its values ​​and its diplomacy.

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