RCS and Firm “1C” concluded a memorandum of cooperation in field of information technology

Holding “Russian Space Systems” (RCS, is included in the state corporation “Roskosmos”) and the company “1C” concluded a memorandum of cooperation in the field of information technology. The document was signed by the Director-General of the RCS Andrei Trewin and the director of the company “1C” Boris Nuraliev.

The main goal of the document is the further development of the partnership of high-tech structures in the field of information technology. It is planned to create a single integrated management system of the RCC based on the 1C: Corporation complex and sectoral solutions 1C for further strengthening of control over the costs of enterprises, mutual settlements and execution of budgets, as well as ensuring efficient use of targets.

Corporate System 1C is used at RCC enterprises to solve a number of accounting and finance management tasks and resources. The basis for creating an integrated management system of enterprises of the RCC was the modern domestic solution “1C: ERP. Holding management.”

Director General of the RCS Andrei Trewin: “We highly appreciate our successful interaction with” 1C “- one of the leaders of the Russian information technology market. The proposed solutions allowed improved business processes, optimize costs and minimize financial and other risks. The strategic task of the RCC on the formation of a new integrated structure of the cosmic instrument-making requires further improvement in the efficiency of the holding management system. I am confident that the new stage of our collaboration will make the widest opportunity to implement the corporate program of activity and individual projects. “
Company “1C” Boris Nuraliev: “Holding strong specialists in the field of digitalization. It is no coincidence of the RCS project” Automation of the treasury and management of orders based on 1C: ERP. Management Holding “took the first place at the 1C contest: the project of the year 2020” in the nomination “Holding Efficiency Management (CPM)”. Following the project, the holding of 20% is accelerated by the execution of orders, production costs are reduced by 20%, operating costs are reduced by 10%. And administrative costs, a cost of 5% is reduced by 3% increased profitability. We expect that the implementation of the signed Memorandum will further increase the efficiency of managing instrument-making holding enterprises due to high-quality automation on the platform “1C: Enterprise 8”.
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