Defined leaders of secret exports from Russia

In the TOP-10 recipients of secret export (SSSS code) from Russia included six NATO countries. It is reported by RBC with reference to the open details of the Federal Customs Service.

Algeria became the largest buyer of unseasured Russian products in January-September. This African country is mainly interested in aviation technology and arms. In second place was the United States, closes the Troika Czech Republic. Also, China, India, UAE, Germany, United Kingdom, Estonia and the Netherlands were also listed.

Secret export includes mainly the supply of weapons and ammunition, military and civilian aircraft and helicopters, as well as some nuclear materials (products of inorganic chemistry, compounds of rare earth metals, radioactive elements or isotopes).

Earlier, Director of the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation, Dmitry Shugaev called the most popular Russian weapon among foreigners. According to him, Russian C-400 air defense systems are in the greatest demand of foreign customers, Rocket and Cannis Complexes “Poles-C1”, as well as the entire line of aviation technology, anti-tank systems “Cornet” and RSZO “Tornado”. Shugaev at the same time noted that at least 50 percent of Russian exports falls on aviation equipment. The portfolio of orders for the export of Russian weapons is about 52 billion dollars, he said.

In February, it was estimated that in 2020 the volume of secret exports from Russia fell by 16 percent, from $ 13.6 billion to 11.48 billion. The reason for the decline in sales of secret goods, as claimed by the Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Fomin, became a coronavirus pandemic, which forced to postpone the supply of weapons. The head of the group of companies “Kalashnikov” Dmitry Tarasov noted that about a quarter of contracts had to be transferred from 2020 to the 2021st.

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