Russia experienced antisiparted weapons in space

Russia on November 15 conducted tests, as a result of which the inherent Russian spacecraft “Tselin-D” was affected, which was in orbit since 1982. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

According to the departments, fragments formed after the defeat of antisipate weapons do not carry the threats to satellites and space activities. “Fragments are made to the chief catalog of the domestic system of control of space space and immediately taken to support before the cessation of their existence. Tests similar to Russia conducted were already carried out in US space space, PRC and India,” – reminded of the Ministry of Defense.

It is also noted that the Ministry of Defense of Russia carries out planned activities to strengthen the defense capacity, which eliminates the possibility of a sudden cause of damage to the country’s security in the space sphere and on Earth existing and promising foreign spaces. “

/Media reports.