Main threat of European democracy

Key decisions in the EU are taken in indisputable, and therefore, unreadable citizens authorities. Moreover, such solutions are often accepted with the participation of large business, and ordinary Europeans see this major threat to democracy, told Associate Professor of the Department of Communicative Research University of Benjamin de Wedge.

According to him, such moods are increasingly distributed among Europeans due to right populists. The growing popularity of these politicians in Europe de Wedn explained not only by their desire to deal with the influx of migrants and liberal values. “Rights were able to rather convincingly prove to their supporters that they represent” ordinary Europeans. “As a result, any attempts to criticize them become” anti-people “,” the researcher said.

According to the scientist, recently the right populists began to support both the business. Part of the entrepreneurs (primarily industrialists) are dissatisfied with the fact that their products do not withstand competition with cheaper Chinese or Indian goods. This is due to the fact that at the head of the right populist parties who speakers for protectionist measures, representatives of the highest sections of society are often provided.

“It is wrong to think that the electorate of populists is only people from a social bottom or those who compete with migrants for work,” De Klin noted.

Civil society problems, the growth of protest sentiment in Western countries and their reasons became one of the central themes of the project “” called “The Problems of the First World”. Materials are combined with the theme of the crisis of liberal values ​​in the Western world and split in society. They are talking about how the ideas of freedom and universal equality turn into a tool of oppression, and the struggle for the rights of some groups of people turns into the placelessness of others.

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