Effectiveness of Indian vaccine against COVID-19 is estimated

Developed by the Indian company Bharat Biotech Vaccine Covaxin showed an effectiveness of 77.8 percent in preventing the occurrence of symptoms of coronavirus infection. The results of the third phase of clinical tests of the drug are published in The Lancet magazine.

in the third phase of clinical trials were attended by more than 24.4 thousand inhabitants of India by age from 18 to 97 years, which were randomly broken into two groups. Some (12,221 people) received two doses of the drug, others – placebo. Of almost 17,000 initially seronegative PCR test patients, 130 people were positive for the presence of COVID-19. Among the 8471 vaccinated people were infected with 24 people, among 8502 people in a placebo group – 106 people, which makes it possible to estimate the effectiveness of a vaccine of 77.8 percent.

A total of 16 cases of severe COVID-19 are fixed in the experimental group and 15 in the placebo group. At the same time, researchers note that this is the preliminary data and need confirmation on a greater sample. Only 12 percent – both in the experimental and placebo group – reported side effects after receiving the vaccine, none of which was serious.

spent one month after receiving the second dose of measurement showed that COVAXIN caused a strong humoral – associated with antibodies – immune response. The activity of antibodies in the neutralization of the coronavirus remained unchanged with the alpha variant, but somewhat decreased in the case of other concerns of the options – in particular, the delta. Preliminary analysis conducted by researchers showed that the effectiveness of the SARS-COV-2 infection infection rate of SARS-COV-2 is 65 percent.

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