US demanded from Russia to remove rockets from Europe from Europe

US President’s Special Representative on the Nuclear Nonproliferation of Jeffrey Eberhardt demanded from Russia to remove rocket from Europe, which were allegedly posted in violation of the Treaty on the elimination of medium and less rockets (DRSMD). His words lead RIA Novosti.

In this way, he answered the question as the administration of the American leader Joe Bayden assesses the initiative of President Vladimir Putin on the introduction of moratoriums to deploy such weapons in Europe.

“Russia has already broken DRSMD, placing a rocket. So the decision is that they remove these rockets,” Eberhardt stressed.

before I.O. Department of non-proliferation and control of armaments of the Russian Foreign Ministry Konstantin Vorontsov said that Moscow calls on NATO countries to introduce a moratorium on the placement of medium and less rockets (RSMD).

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