Putin stated main task of Russia’s income growth in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the main and priority task of the country, the growth of citizens’ income, but clarified that the authorities would not act in the populist methods. He said this in an interview with the American CNBC TV channel, which was published on the Kremlin website.

“For us, the most important problem and the most important task we need to decide is the rise of the income of citizens of the country. This is our main, the main task, and we are not going to solve it with simple linear methods,” the Russian leader stressed.

Putin clarified that this is a long-term task, so the authorities will not act the populist methods, and plan to rely on the growth of the economy, to solve the main social tasks on this database, like an increase in the welfare of the population and demographic questions.

Earlier, the Russian president said that by the end of 2021, Russia may reach “serious, even record” GDP growth. The head of state added that from the sanctions that the United States introduced against the energy sector of the Russian economy, the Americans themselves were injured.

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