Scientists told about “smell of death”

British scientists conducted a study and found out how the smell you can learn about the approaching death, reports “Fifth Channel”.

Researcher Arno Warmar from the psychology school of the University of Kent conducted an experiment, during which the subjects subjected to the smells of Pretrad, ammonia and water. In an insurmountable alarm, they caused only the smell of the first component despite the fact that they had never come across him earlier. The scientist told that at the time when a person dies, his body breaks, and during this process a lot of flavors are exempt, which they begin to feel, one of which is Pretssin.

In addition, as scientists stated, with “the smell of death” people also often associate the fragrance of grass. They found out that a person has an ancient olfactory receptor who is awakened on the eve of death, catching the specified fragrance. They noticed that this can happen even a year before death. According to scientists, when the “smell of death” appears, people subconsciously begin to change and, without knowing it, bring the moment of their end.

However, the researchers assured, the “smell of death” is not a harbinger of death, but a signal speaking about the danger threatening organism. Such an aroma helps a person understand that the reason for anxiety exists, and he needs to find the cause of the upcoming death, scholars summed up.

Previously, researchers from Sweden and Denmark found out that a decrease in height at middle age was a marker of increased risk of early death in women – mainly from cardiovascular diseases.

/Media reports.