Unknown shot five people from Luka and wounded policeman

In the Norwegian city of Kungsberg (Kongsberg), the invisible opened the archery in a public place, five people died and two were injured. This is reported by the publication of Aftenposten with reference to the head of the local police Evinda Aaas.

It is noted that the attacker acted alone in different parts of the city, so the search for accomplices are not conducted. The man shot including in one of the major stores, his staff did not suffer.

COOP CONSIBILITIES Harald Christiansen Supermarket, where he shot a criminal, confirmed that a serious incident had really happened, but the staff turned out to be unharmed.

Police investigation.

Evind AAS did not rule out the version of the terrorist attack in the actions of the criminal. He pointed out that five people died, was injured including a police officer in civilian clothes. The victims were taken to the hospital in the Drammen, eight ambulances and three sanitary helicopters were involved.

The western part of the city was evacuated, eyewitnesses report that the criminal tried to escape, the police probably shot him, after which she detained. Currently, law enforcement officers do not report details about the criminal and detention, it is planned to search for its dwelling. The identity of the attacker is also not disclosed, as well as the motive of his actions.

response to the incident

Norway Prime Minister Erna Sulberg said during a press conference that after an attack of a man with a bowl, the police control the situation in Kungsberg.

According to the mayor of Kungsberg Kari Anna Sand, the municipality appointed employees for crisis situations and carefully follows the situation. The city-poraner stressed that it is a tragedy for all victims, the crisis team works and assists as necessary.

Earlier, one person died and more than a dozen were injured as a result of a shootout in the bar in St. Paul, the American state of Minnesota. Shooting occurred on the night of Sunday, October 10, at the Bar on the Seventh Street. Unknowns opened fire in a crowded-made fabric. In law enforcement agencies, they said that immediately after shooting, several people called in emergency services and “desperately begged for help.”

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