Optimal daily calorie

Nutritionist, a member of the Association of Dietsologists and Nutricologists, Marina Makisha called “Moscow 24” The way how to calculate the number of calories per day, which is optimal for consumption by the average person.

In her opinion, the daily caloric content must be calculated taking into account the weight of a person. It recommends consume 25-30 kilocalories per kilogram of weight.

“in absolute figures is about 1,800-2,000 kilocalories per day for women, for men – up to 2,500 kokalorius,” said Medic.

Makisha stressed that it is important for calculating the lifestyle and physical activity of a person. People with high muscle weight density have a great need, because of which there is a need to increase the caloric content of the food, otherwise due to the deficit in the body, the process of weight loss may begin. She also noted that the ideal weight is the one in which a person likes himself, provided that this weight is healthy and clarified that people of different growth have a healthy weight will differ.

Previously, the nutritionist Irina Pisarev explained that foods with fat content strengthen the vessels, help maintain beauty and take inflammation. She advised to pay attention to avocados, since it consists of 80 percent consists of polyunsaturated useful fats that improve the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition, avocados helps reduce cholesterol levels.

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