WHO estimated need for Vaccination from COVID-19 to enter country

The World Health Organization (WHO) commented on the need for coronavirus vaccination for entry into countries. According to the organization, such a condition is not reasonable, TASS reports.

In Geneva Headquarters WHO, they rated the requirements for the entry of passengers who are vaccinated from COVID-19 not recognized in the country of appointment with drugs. The organization believes that the vaccination from coronavirus should not be a prerequisite in order to enter the state.

“According to the provisions of international health rules, vaccines must be approved by WHO and be in universal presence before they could be considered as a preliminary condition for travel,” the WHO press service was reminded.

Therefore, it does not support the use of evidence of vaccination as a prerequisite for international travel, given a largely unequal availability of vaccines in rich countries and low-income states. “

The press service was reminded of a statement with which the CEO of WHO Tedros Adan Gebresus was performed in August. He stressed that the preliminary demand for vaccination leads to a large chaos and discrimination. Greesus added that some states “even refuse to apply some vaccines, as they are concerned that their citizens may not be allowed to other states.”

Earlier, WHO declared a “global catastrophe” due to the uneven distribution of vaccines. Gebresus said that 70 percent of the population was required to vaccinate 7 billion doses of drugs.

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