Countries of world called on to protect youth from anti-Semitism with help of infoensers

The world community should protect the youth from the influence of the anti-Semitic extremism, which is planted via the Internet. This was stated by Chairman of the European Jewish Congress (Eck) Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor at the International Holocaust Forum and Counteracting Anti-Semitism in the Swedish city of Malm. With his speech, I got acquainted with “”

According to Kantor, during a pandemic youth around the world stayed alone with extremist disinformation on the Internet. He recalled that 1.8 billion people under 25 years old live in the world. The chairman of the EEK noted that it is young people who always make a core of all radical currents.

In order to prevent youth-blowing with anti-Semitism, Cantor offered all countries to draw up a list of target groups and call for help of influenusers (influential public people). In his opinion, they should provide awareness of young people in the victims of the Holocaust and modern anti-Semitic rhetoric.

In August, France, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom and the United States boycotted the United Nations Conference (UN) to combat racism in New York. It happened because of the multiple anti-Semitic statements, which were allowed by the participants of the event.

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