Jean-Michel Blanquer: “France and his youth must escape Woke ideology”

The Minister of Education launches, Wednesday, a group of reflection on the values ​​of the Republic, a few days before the commemoration of the murder of Samuel Paty.

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On the occasion of the launch of its “laboratory of the Republic”, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, details the objectives of this circle of reflection, intended to infuse ideas in the countryside of the majority , especially on secularism.

What is the ambition of the “laboratory of the Republic”?

When we say “Long live the Republic”, we do not always know what’s behind this invocation. The circle I launched wants to show the concrete nature of this content, especially in the direction of youth. Our company faces three great challenges, ecological, technological and geopolitical. I want to demonstrate that on these three stakes, the republican idea can bring answers. It is then a question of thinking of public policies to embody it. By working from the four adjectives that gives our constitution to the Republic: democratic, social, indivisible, secular.

How will it work?

It’s not a political party, nor a movement, but a circle of reflection and action. It will be intended to be useful in the presidential campaign and more generally, in the debate of ideas. I invite people from different backgrounds, like Elisabeth Badinter, who embodies a republican feminism opposed to the war of the sexes; Or Rachel Kahn, a figure of an anti-racist control indifferent to the skin color. A hundred parliamentarians will also participate. And a number of experts, guests to express themselves on an online platform. The exceeding of the left-right cleavage is at the heart of the Republican approach.

You have already created a Council of the Sages of Laity. At the Ministry of the Interior, there is now an interdepartmental committee, a “laity office”. What can this new laboratory allow you to do more?

It is not an institutional body but a circle of reflection independent of my duties as Minister of Education. In addition, the subject of secularism is far from the only subject. I want him to involve youth by giving him reasons to engage in causes that are expensive to him. We will encourage young people to open antennas in universities, but we will also talk to rural youth and suburbs.

This circle, you also do a way to counter the dissemination of certain identity struggles from the United States …

This is not the only subject of the laboratory. It is true that the Republic is to the antipodes of wokism. In the United States, this ideology could bring by reaction Donald Trump to power, and France and his youth must escape that. The laboratory will have a republican vision opposed to this doctrine that fragments and divides, and conquered certain political, media and academic circles, by proposing a victim software to the detriment of the democratic foundations of our society.

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