Estimated effect of fatty milk on health

Researchers from Australia showed that the fat content of milk does not have an effect on the health of the child. The article of scientists is published in the magazine The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Many existing recommendations are prescribed to children over two years old to consume dairy products with a reduced content of fat. In order to find out whether whole milk is really harmful for them, researchers from University Edith Kovan decided to conduct an experiment. 49 children aged four to six divided into two groups. Over the course of three months, only all-milk products were obtained, others only with a reduced fat content. Every two weeks, researchers delivered to the participants of the experiment without labeling. Thus, the participants studies did not know which of the two types of dairy products consume and at what price. After that, the researchers evaluated the remnants – thus assessing the overall consumption of children.

Also, scientists also evaluated the degree of obesity of children, their blood pressure and measured the presence of such biomarkers in their blood as glucose, hemoglobin and c-jet protein. It turned out that regardless of the dairy diet, children consumed about the same calorie calorie. Those who “missed” calories from the innocent milk, “replenished” this deficiency at the expense of other products. The researchers also did not find the difference between groups in the weight and health of the heart and blood vessels. “Our results suggest that healthy children can consume all-milk products without increasing the risk of obesity or negative cardiometabolic effects,” emphasizes the leading author of the study, University Associate Professor Teresa O’Sullivan.

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