Belarus: Russian vaccine from COVID-19 will begin to produce a full cycle

By the end of 2021, in Belarus will begin to produce a Russian vaccine from COVID-19 “satellite V” in Belarus. This was announced by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Dmitry Pinevich, writes “Sputnik Belarus.”

According to the head of the department, the process will be launched on the basis of the enterprise “BelmedPreparats”.

Pinevich added that the production of the Vaccine “Satellite Light” can be localized on the same site as soon as the drug “goes into a wide turn” and this will be “economic feasibility.”

In July, the Ambassador of Belarus in China Yuri Senko said that the Belarusian side wanted to establish the release of Chinese vaccines against coronavirus on its territory. He noted that Minsk had already begun preparations for signing such an agreement and negotiate with three companies from the PRC.

Production of the “satellite V” was launched in Belarus in March. Then, on the basis of “whitemedpreparats” organized bottling of industrial series of vaccine from the semi-product of the Russian company “Generium”.

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