Imbroglio around state of health of Czech President

The validity of the signature of Milos Zeman, who convened Parliament on November 8, from the hospital, is called into question.


Hospitalized urgently since Sunday, October 10, Czech President Milos Zeman, 77, still can assume his duties? This question is at the origin of a gigantic imbroglio in this central European nation with ten million inhabitants, especially since the head of state, openly Eurosceptic and Prorussan opinions, is supposed to designate a day to the next the next prime minister, following the legislative elections of October 8th and 9th.

Thursday, October 14, the President of the Chamber of Deputies assured that he visited the patient in the resuscitation service of the Prague Central Military Hospital. “He told the jokes” and “followed the information,” assured Radek Vondracek, leaving with, under his arm, a decree of convocation of the new parliament signed by the president’s hand. “Of course he’s sick, he’s weak. But I really spoke to him normally,” said the elected member, a member of the same party as the outgoing Prime Minister, Billionaire Andrej Babis.

The latter hopes to keep his post, despite his defeat on the legislative laws, relying on the support of Mr. Zeman who has ceased to describe “Pro-Brussels” the opposition coalition which has won the legislative. Mr. Babis therefore desperately needs Mr. Zeman to recover and then entrusted him with the mandate to reform a government. However, the document provides for a notice of the new Parliament on 8 November, the latest possible date. According to Mr. Vondracek, the President would have said, quoting Machiavel in German, “Zeit Gewonnen, Alles Gewonnen” (“Time won, won”).

“Unknown the President”

But was Zeman really able to sign such a document and make quotes in German from his resuscitation bed? Doubt continues to rise in the Czech Republic, especially within the opposition that suspects a maneuver of the entourage of the President, who systematically minor the severity of the health status of a man officially reached “a neuropathy” diabetic “. “There are people around the president that no one has elected and who probably act without his knowledge,” said Senator Tomas Czernin.

Representatives of the opposition even lodged a complaint in front of the prosecution, ensuring that there were “suspicions on the authenticity of the signature” of the document. They rely on the fact that no photo of the meeting has been published. But the last time Milos Zeman was seen in public now goes back to Sunday, when he was taken, half aware, to the hospital. Since then, doctors merely say that his condition is “stabilized”. Thursday, his wife, she, assured that he needed a treatment that “calls for time”.

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