US: Russian Su-27 stated best in world

Russian Su-27 plane is one of the best fourth-generation fighters in the world, 19FortyFive American edition writes.

The advantages of the Su-27, created about 40 years ago to compete with American F-15 Eagle and F-14 Tomcat fighters, are weapons, range, speed and maneuverability. The publication reminds that the Russian aircraft is made in several versions. In particular, there are SU-27M with advanced onboard radio-electronic equipment and deck SU-27K (SU-33) for the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

19Fortyfive assures that Su-27, remaining the fourth-generation fighter, loses in the unimprovability of American fifth generation aircraft F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. “However, it has powerful engines with a controlled vector of thrust and can perform some maneuvers that can be a problem for American invisible fighters,” writes the publication.

In October, 19FortyFive stated that an attempt to upgrade the Russian fighter MiG-29 and correct deficiencies deprived of its advantage that was made in maneuverability.

In September, the publication wrote that the Russian fighter of the SU-57 fighter is inferior to American and Chinese competitors, because it is distinguished by insufficient incrementalness compared to F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II and J-20.

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