Novak compared requirement of EU for gas with deliveries “to village of Grandfather”

The construction of “Northern Flow-2” can not be the cause of the gas crisis in the European Union due to the fact that the new gas pipeline is associated with the expansion of the infrastructure, and not with contracts. About this in an interview with Business FM as part of the Russian energy week, Vice Prime Minister Alexander Novak said.

According to him, the assumption that Gazprom could supply more gas, do not stand criticism. “Who to put, to the village of the grandfather, what? Must be appropriate applications and relevant contracts,” he explained.

In this way, he answered a request to comment on articles in Western media, where Russia is called a possible culprit of an unprecedented increase in fuel prices. The same position adheres to a group of 40 eurreptates that demanded an antitrust investigation against Gazprom.

Novak recalled that Russia stands for signing long-term contracts, while the EU leadership has recently been on the path of development of the spot market. However, currently free gas is leaving for other regions of the world, primarily to the market of the Asia-Pacific region, the supply where it turned out to be more profitable.

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