US: a person successfully transplanted pork kidney

Team of doctors from the NYU Langone Health’s Medical Center in New York, USA, first held a successful transplant to man of pork kidney. This reports Reuters.

The body has been transplanted by the kidney to a woman with a dead brain, which was on the apparatus of artificial respiration. To reduce the risk of rejection, doctors used a genetically modified animal.

In the framework of the experimental surgery, the surgeons attached pork kidney to large blood vessels outside the body and watched it for 54 hours. As specialists stated, the kidney worked normally – filtered waste and produced urine. The study of the transplantologist Robert Montgomery stressed that the team of doctors did not observe any evidence of a strong early rejection of the authority. He also noted that the abnormal level of creatinine, observed at the recipient, returned to the norm after transplantation.

According to the agency, currently in the United States about 107 thousand people expect organ transplants, of which more than 90 thousand are in line for a kidney transplant. The kidney waiting time on average ranges from three to five years.

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