At assembly, when considering health care extension, deputies challenge a given “white-seteg” given

The Government justifies extension until July 2022 of the legal framework that authorizes it to engage the state of emergency health by the winter period and the risk of an epidemic rebound.


In the Hemicycle of the National Assembly, Tuesday, October 19 In the evening, two antagonistic camps faced, again, on the management of the health crisis. After an evening of punctuated discussions of Inventive and Oules between the majority and the oppositions, Article 1 er of the Bill of Health Vigilance was adopted by 109 votes to 66. It allows for Prorogger for eight months, until July 31, 2022, the legal framework which authorizes the executive to engage the state of emergency sanitary, adoubé by a vote in Parliament. The possibility of using the health care has also been requested from both assemblies until the end of July 2022.

The executive wishes to have flexibility to act according to the evolution of the health situation, while the winter period makes a fear of an epidemic rebound. “Some brackings are felt locally on the territory, while the situation in overseas remains worrying,” said Tuesday, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, before the members.

Nearly 384 amendments have been filed for the consideration of this eleventh text presented to Parliament on the management of the health crisis since March 2020. Is three times less than on the text discussed in July, which extended for the first time The use of the sanitary pass at certain places of daily life. If necessary, if the effectiveness of the measurement is no longer questioned by the majority of the elected representatives.

Nevertheless, two stumbling points remain. First, the period of “sanitary vigilance” considered too long by the oppositions. Then the terms of parliamentary control in the coming election period, since the two assemblies will no longer sit after February 28, 2022.

“Political Instrumentalization”

A preliminary rejection motion, driven by the Republicans (LR) group, tensely tightened the discussions. “You want a white-seitch that allows you to span the presidential and legislative elections, leading us to a form of divestment of Parliament,” said the LR member of the Philippe Gosselin Channel. The majority preferred to denounce, by the voice of the hon. Member of Val-de-Marne Guillaume Gouffier-Cha (The Republic in March, LRM), the risk, “as tonight, of a political instrumentalization on the back of the management of sanitary crisis “. A few hours earlier, a demonstration took place on the outskirts of the Palais-Bourbon, to the appeal of the President of the Party the Patriots, Florian Philippot, bringing together several hundred people opposed to the health and immunization.

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