Police will find out causes of silence of assistants of President of Czech Republic about his health

Czech police began an investigation into the assistants of the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zemren on suspicion of concealing information about his state of health. Law enforcement officers plan to find out the reasons for the silence of land assistants that he fell into resuscitation with severe illness. This reports Reuters.

“With regard to new information published by the Senate, the police will begin investigating the possible unlawful actions in which signs of crimes against the republic can be found,” the law enforcement agencies say.

previously became known that the Czech Senar Milos Shot at a meeting of the Upper House of Parliament demanded the resignation of Zemren. According to the parliamentarian, the Czech president can no longer execute his duties and will not be rehabilitated soon after severe disease.

October 14th there were reports that the Milos Zemrena found hepatic encephalopathy. This disease is a serious complication that arose due to acute or chronic liver failure. The 77-year-old politician was in resuscitation on October 10.

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