Ministry of Interior excludes health care control during political meetings

The Constitutional Council had considered that “political activity” could not be subjected to the health care, that the executive wants to extend until July 31, 2022.

Le Monde

This is as much of a reminder of the law that the government’s intention clarification: the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, wrote a letter to the parliamentary group presidents to inform them that the passenger Would not be requested during the political meetings, especially during the presidential election candidate campaign.

“Political meetings will continue to be held without the health care of participants,” says Darmanin in the short text, Rendered public by RTL , Thursday, October 21st. At the summer universities organized in recent months, the political parties did not need to put in place an audit of the document required in cafes and restaurants as well as in the great gatherings to reduce the risk of contamination to Visc- 19. The sanitary pass is valid in case of presentation of a complete vaccination scheme, a negative virological test or a disease recovery certificate.

“The possibility for our fellow citizens to inform and enlighten their political choices through these gatherings (…) is essential to democratic life”, writes the Minister to justify the waiver granted to the meetings – the “rooms of ‘Hearing, Conferences, Projection, Meeting “are normally affected by the obligation

the” political activities “excluded from the scope of the pass

The announcement is made in the aftermath of the adoption at first reading – narrowly – at the National Assembly of the Bill of “Health Vigilance” which provides for the extension of the Sanitary Power until July 31, 2022 – and Neither to November 15, 2021. The health care could therefore remain mandatory throughout the presidential campaign (whose two rounds will be held on 10 and 24 April 2022), during which large gatherings will be organized.

m. Darmanin mentions, in this letter, Decision of the Constitutional Council on the draft law of management of the health crisis definitively adopted on August 5th. Parliamentarians had seized the institution of Montpensier Street on the inaccuracy surrounding the so-called leisure activities that the government’s text evoked. “The notion of leisure activity, which excludes in particular a political, trade union or cultural activity, is neither imprecise nor ambiguous”, replied the constitutional opinion by remote the use of elected representatives while specifying the outline of the measure.

By October 15, the Minister of Solidarities and Health, Olivier Véran, had implied the direction taken by the Government at the questions asked before the laws of the National Assembly. “We are clearly not wanting to hinder the proceeding of an election campaign, declared Mr. Véran during a debate on the bill of “sanitary vigilance” . There are already commitments that were taken on the non-application of the pass to vote and you have seen that now the gauges, health standards do not prevent themselves together in large numbers in rooms or outside, so everything suggests that the campaign will take place in good conditions. “

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