Woman wanted to get rid of stress with a solarium and fell ill with cancer

A resident of England began to sunbathe often to get rid of stress, and fell ill with cancer. The corresponding story appeared on Daily Mail.

According to the material, 25-year-old Paris Tippett (Paris Tippett) collided with depression and wanted to cure a disease with sun bath. The woman began to visit the solarium twice a week to 14 minutes to improve the emotional state, and after four months of regular sessions found a new mole on the right leg.

Tupiet decided to show the neoplasm therapist. The heroine of the material passed the tests, after which the doctors diagnosed her oncological disease – melanoma of the second stage. A woman removed a malignant tumor, and then three weeks have cut the lymph nodes and a skin area around the former neoplasm to stop its further distribution.

British stressed that it will never sunbathe. “I could not believe that sunbathing can lead to such. I will never go to the solarium and not a break on the beach chaiseing chair – it is not worth it. From now on, I will use only an artificial tan,” she assured.

In September, the girl tried to cure with the help of a sun of a tan and fell ill with skin cancer. 24-year-old Daniella Bolton (Daniella Bolton) told in an interview with the publication that a long time fought with eczema using cream and ointment, but did not achieve the desired result. The girl decided to try an alternative way of treatment and from 18 years began to regularly sunbathe in the sun.

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