SPACEX competitor will deliver cargo through space instead of an airplane

The American Blue Origin company competing by Spacex is considering participating in the US Defense Competition, which provides for the possibility of using spacecraft instead of aircraft to deliver military loads throughout the planet, reports Spacenews.

According to the Director of National Security Programs Blue Origin Thomas Martin, currently the Company is conducting relevant negotiations with the United States Transport Command.

Spacenews reminds that Blue Origin can become the second after Spacex company, which in the interests of the Pentagon will develop systems for the delivery of goods on the planet via space.

The publication notes that the main problem of this approach can be too high the shipping rate on the planet, which occupies several tens of minutes, compared with time, which goes to the organization and the implementation of related operations.

In October 2020, C4ISRnet reported that in 2021 Spacex can first demonstrate the US Defense for the first time on orbital delivery of goods. According to the publication, we are talking about “delivery of cargo from one place to another through space.” C4ISRNet writes that SPACEX is interested in the Pentagon in the Pentagon, which suggests delivery from one point of the planet to another 80-ton cargo, which is comparable to the possibilities of the C-17 GlobeMaster III military transport aircraft.

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