Microsoft deleted Hot Reload functionality from an open .NET for delivery only in Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has passed to the practice of removing the previously open code from the .NET platform. In particular, from the open code base, in which the development of a new branch of the .NET 6 platform was carried out, there was deleted Realization of the function Hot Reload originally proposed not only in the Visual Studio 2019 16.11 development environment (preview 1), but And in the open utility “Dotnet Watch”.

As a reason for deletion, it is mentioned Take the specified functions only in the commercial product Visual Studio 2022 to increase its attractiveness compared to the Visual Studio Code open editor. The Hot Reload feature provides tools for editing the code on the fly during the program execution, allowing you to make changes without manual stopping and without attaching the stoppoints. The developer could make changes to the code and immediately apply them to the running application.

Independent developers tried Return In the repository, a remote code that has already been listed open, but Microsoft did not allow this change. Microsoft’s actions caused a perturbation of community members who consider the issue of returning principled and allowing to understand whether the .NET platform is in fact an open project or not.

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