Doctors stated nonypical symptoms of pancreatic cancer

Medicines in an interview with the British newspaper Express called symptoms that may indicate pancreatic cancer.

One of them is jaundice – a disease in which eye proteins and leather acquire a yellowish tint. This is due to the fact that the product is accumulated in the blood of the breakdown of bilirubin, which is formed in the kidneys.

also a consequence of the occurrence of pancreatic cancer can be a loss of appetite, inexplicable weight loss, apathy, feeling of fatigue and lack of energy, as well as increased temperature, heat, trembling, nausea and bloating and pain in the top of the abdomen, which are only enhanced in Eating time.

In case of detection of such symptoms, doctors advise immediately consult a doctor and pass the examination.

Previously, doctors told about the rare symptom of lung cancer. It turned out to be pain in the heels. Doctors noted that the alarm should be triggered if the pain in the leg is quite strong or not passes for two weeks.

/Media reports.