Model revealed terrible health problems after work in Victoria’s Secret

The former model of Victoria’s Secret Bridget Malcolm revealed the terrible truth about fashion shows and their negative impact on her health. Her words leads independent.

The girl explained that industry workers are forced to adhere to strict body parameters. In this regard, she regularly sat on diets and experienced a constant feeling of hunger. “I trained for whole days and slept. I wanted to eat all the time. I even sat on the soothing means to survive the night time,” she shared.

Malcolm emphasized that she lived in a similar mode for three months. According to her, she did not eat anything, except for protein cocktails and vegetables for a couple. After performing at the show in 2016, the heroine of the material realized that such a lifestyle led her to health problems.

In 2017, she was removed from work due to the fact that her thighs were wider than 1.2 centimeters. After dismissal from Victoria’s Secret, the doctors put the girl diagnosis – a complex post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, Malcolm suffered from panic attacks. Also because of the problems with food behavior, her menstrual cycle was interrupted for a long time.

In July, Bridget Malcolm revealed the “terrible” tips for losing weight. When a girl was 14 years old, a fashionable agent recommended her to eat cocaine and sex to have sex, as it, he said, will help her lose weight. So, the model began to deal with the abuse of prohibited substances. Because of the regular feeling of anxiety, she hardly attended public events.

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