Cargo ship “Progress MS-21” delivered to Baikonur

On Monday, October 25, 2021, Echelon with the Transport Cargo Ship “Progress MS-21” Development and production of the Rocket and Space Corporation “Energy” named after S.P. Queen (Roskosmos State Corporation) arrived at the Baikonur cosmodrome railway station.

Currently, transport containers with a “space truck” have already been transported to the installation and test case No. 254. The next stage of work is to unload the cargo ship, installing on the workplace and inspection of its solar batteries.

All technological operations are performed by specialists of the South Space Center (a branch of the center of exploitation of ground-based space infrastructure, is included in Roscosmos) and Energy Rocket and Space Corporation.

“Progress MS” – Russian Automatic Transport Spaceship. Included in the family of cargo ships “Progress”, which were created specifically for servicing orbital stations. Used to deliver cargo to the international space station, as well as for the correction of its orbit. Developer and manufacturer of the new modification “Progress MS” – Rocket and Space Corporation “Energy” named after S.P. Queen.

The Progress MS ship has three compartments: cargo (for the placement of dry cargo and water), instrument and aggregate and compartment of refueling components (for the delivery of fuel to the station). Length is 7.2 m, the maximum diameter is 2.72 m, the starting mass is about 7.3 tons. It can take a useful load with a mass of about 2.6 tons.

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