International Astronautical Congress. Second day

The work of the Russian delegation continues at the 72nd International Astronautical Congress in Dubai. Today, it was especially fruitful on business meetings.

The first meeting of the delegation of Roscosmos State Corporation held with the General Director of the Mexican Space Agency Salvador Landeros Ayala, General Director of the Mexican Space Agency, and then with the Director General of the Norwegian Space Agency Christian Hagly Hansen.

An important event was the signing of an agreement on cooperation between Russia and the UAE. On the part of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, General Director of the State Corporation “Roskosmos”, was signed by the United Arab Emirates from the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates Chairman of the United Arab Agency Sarah al-Amiri.

Agreement will allow countries to develop mutually beneficial cooperation in such high-tech areas of space activity as: satellite navigation, remote sensing of land, monitoring of space space, satellite telecommunications and communication, creation of space technology, scientific research in outer space and manned cosmonautics.

One of the most important meetings of the second day of the Congress was negotiations of Dmitry Rogozin and Deputy Administration National Aeronautics and Space Research (NASA) PEM Melura. A meeting was also held with Mohammed Ben Saud Al-Tamimi, CEO of the Saudi Commission on Space.

In addition, the Russian delegation also held meetings with various Aerospace companies – Arianespace, Thales Alenia Space, Boeing and other partners.

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