Italy: made a mutual international recognition of vaccines

Director General of the Italian Medicine Agency (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco, AIFA) Nicola Magrini said that mutual international recognition of vaccines is necessary for free movement in the world. Reports about it TASS.

According to him, such a step is needed to ensure the rights of citizens of those states whose vaccines are still not recognized by the European Union (EU). These countries include Russia and China. The head of the pharmaceutical agent of Italy advised the issuance of the so-called Green Pass (certificates that allow people with immunity to COVID-19 and inserted into the EU countries – approx. “”) to citizens vaccinated by the Russian preparation “Satellite V” and Chinese Sinovac .

“When the pandemic is taken under control and movement began, it is necessary to be guided by the principle of reciprocity in vaccine issues. We are looking for solutions to ensure the right to freedom of movement,” said the Italian official. He noted that the right to travel should have relatives living in different countries.

According to Magrini, international relations should prevail on issues of bureaucracy. This means that the right to entry into the European Union must have citizens of countries where they are vaccinated by the drugs not recognized by Brussels.

Previously, the Italian ambassador to Russia Georgio Staracha said that Italy does not recognize the Russian vaccine bypassing the decision of the European Union. However, he promised that Rome would hold a positive solution to this issue. He noted that Italy is interested in the process of recognizing the “satellite V” accelerated.

/Media reports.