Gynecologist explained effect of age of fever on health of child

Gynecologist Elena Grumble told “Radio 1” that the age of a woman who is going to give birth to a child does not affect his health, and children with Down syndrome appear in young woman in labor. She stated this after the Mintrost published the data according to which the Russians began to give birth later, on average in 28 years.

“I now have a pregnant on account worth 49 years. Very good, I am always for. On the contrary, children are more talented. Since I have been working for more than 30 years and see these children who have been observed for my pregnancy – no, Not reflected, “said Medic.

Moreover, the specialist noted that more age-related women it turns out to be easier to lead, since they understand more young, better analyzes the information received and do not resort to advice from the Internet. Also, the gynecologist emphasized that the term “boring” is not applied towards age-related pregnant women. According to her, previously called this term and girls who gave birth at 26 years old, but now Gynecology “lives” on European standards, at which age 33-35 years is considered the norm for pregnancy.

Earlier, the obstetrician Gynecologist Vladislav Korsak explained the benefit of vaccination from COVID-19 for pregnant women. The specialist said that the vaccination affects positively both on the mother and on the child.

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