In mass poisoning of alcohol in Yekaterinburg, traces of conspiracy “against all” found

In history with mass poisoning of Russians with methyl alcohol in Yekaterinburg, there is a conspiracy in Yekaterinburg, said the former Defense Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Igor Rukov, he told about it on his page in VKontakte.

He recalled that for the month this is the second major incident: in October in the Orenburg region, 34 people died due to alcohol poisoning, later the story was repeated in Yekaterinburg, where 18 people died from surrogate alcohol. The shooters found a connection between the incidents and clarified that the handwriting in both cases is the same. The former head of the Ministry of Defense of the DNR noted that if a consequence would be a consequence, it would be a question, is not a conspiracy “with the aim of mass killing of representatives of the indigenous population.”

According to the ex-minister, in Russia citizens are preparing for the war “against all”. “My thesis is about the fact that the country is accelerated to prepare for” the war against everyone “gets indirect confirmation hardly every day,” he noted.

Earlier in Yekaterinburg, after poisoning, residents detained sellers of launching alcohol – 54-year-old Nadir Mamedov and his accomplice, 42-year-old Armen Avtelyan.

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