Effect of genetics on training

Researchers from Great Britain showed that human genes play a significant role in how the human body responds to training – up to 72 percent of the difference in the results can be explained by genetic features. Also, experts were allocated 13 genes that affect these differences. The article of scientists was published in the magazine Plos One.

University of England Raskin analyzed 24 studies that contained health data more than three thousand people aged 18 to 55 years old, previously not engaged in physical training. In the course of training, all participants showed improvement, but in varying degrees – even when the same exercise was performed.

Researchers have found that genetic differences are responsible for 72 percent of the difference in the results in exercises aimed at improving the strength of the soys. For training cardiovascular system – the effect of which was measured at the maximum oxygen consumption – this figure was 44 percent. In anaerobic workouts, the genetic factor influenced ten percent difference.

“In our work, we allocated 13 genes playing a role in the final result of the exercises. We also found that individual alleles of these genes allow to be more adapted to certain areas of fitness,” says the lead author of Henry Chang. Since each person’s genotype is unique, different people react differently to the same exercises, the scientist notes. “Thus, it is possible to improve the efficiency of exercises by defining the human genotype and adjustment of the training program for him,” emphasizes Chang.

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