Psychiatrist declared reasons for alcohol abuse

The complex epidemiological situation in the world due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection led to an increase in the number of alcohol dependent people. This opinion was expressed by a psychiatrist, the doctor of medical sciences Yuri Sivolap in an interview with the radio station “says Moscow.”

According to him, the reason for frequent alcohol use lies in a heavy emotional state caused by a pandemic. He noted that this trend acquired a global character, and did not bypassed Russia. “Together with the general use of alcohol, it was planned to increase and consuming surrogate,” the alarming trend noted.

Doctor also called the taking alcohol able to provoke depressive and disturbing disorders.

previously became known that in Yekaterinburg, 18 people died after drinking alcohol with methanol content.

In early October, it became known about the mass poisoning of surrogate alcohol in the Orenburg region. As it turned out, the alcohol, which caused poisoning, was used for the production of means against corrosion. A total of 67 people were injured, 35 of which died. The Investigation Committee opened 14 criminal cases on the fact of what happened.

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