US predicted a quick deliverance from global problem

CEO JPMorgan Jamie Dyonon said that the US economy will get rid of the global problems of failures in supply chains in 2022. This is reported by Fox Business.

According to the prediction of the Daimon, the problems caused by the supply failures, it is unlikely to interrupt the restoration of the US economy from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and do not prevent consumers to spend money. “In 2022, it will not be a problem at all. I think the market systems will adapt to it, as the company did,” Daimon said.

As the global economy is restored from the effects of a pandemic, manufacturers trying to satisfy growing consumer demand, have difficulties due to failures in supply chains. The leaders of several companies, including Nike, noted that failures can affect their income in the coming months.

Lack of basic household items, building materials and most important technological components, such as semiconductors, contributed to price growth. However, Dyon noted that consumers spent 20 percent more than before the pandemic. “Consumers can not buy cars – they buy household items. They can not travel abroad – they travel inside the country. The level of spending is very high,” said Daimon.

At the same time, the Goldman Sachs Investment Bank expects the cost of some services and products of short-term use will remain below the dock level due to a long-term influence of a pandemic. In addition, failures in the supply of semiconductors, due to which the production of cars and technology around the world is reduced, will last until the first half of 2022. So, Goldman Sachs predicted the American economy with a reduction, reducing the US economic growth forecast in the first quarter of 2022 from five percent to 4.5 percent, in the second quarter – from 4.5 percent to four percent and in the third quarter – from 3.5 percent up to three percent.

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