Bill on possibility of using pass health until July 31, 2022 presented by council

The text that will extend the state of emergency must then be examined by the National Assembly on 19 October. A schedule confirmed by Matignon in “World”.


Please do not be complacent. The epidemic of Covid-19 beautiful decline, the executive wants to keep the tools at its disposal to deal with a possible resurgence of the virus. A bill to extend the possibility of using the pass health until July 31, 2022 to be presented by Prime Minister Jean Castex, Wednesday, October 13, the Council of Ministers and then be reviewed by the National Assembly on October 19 . A calendar that confirms the World Matignon, stating that the text will be titled “Bill on various health surveillance provisions.”

While the introduction of the health pass crystallized the anger of tens of thousands of people in recent weeks, the government ensures not want to “indefinitely” this binding tool, but only to let the “possibility” of it “resort” until summer, “if necessary”. “After being in the reaction and adaptability during the crisis, we must now go further to a logic of anticipation face the unexpected,” said Emmanuel Macron his troops at the last health defense council, October 7, at the Elysee. “You have to have more strings to our bow to cope with a possible fifth wave,” said the Elysee. Before insisting on “the desire” the head of state to go, if possible, this device, considered as “provisional”.

In Parliament, leaders of the majority emphasize that in turn is only a matter of “potential provisions”, in order to react as quickly as possible if necessary. “After the emergency, it is now in vigilance,” insists the leader of the Modem deputies, Patrick Mignola. Hence the introduction of a new text, to refer the legal possibility to enforce the health pass, which expires on 15 November.

The executive remains on guard

Of course, epidemiologists data and mass immunization of the population is reassuring, and even give ammunition to those who argue for ease restrictions. But with the arrival of winter, the executive remains on guard, not underestimating the risk of an epidemic rebound. “It continues to decline, but there are stirrings in some departments. For now, it would be a few clusters, but monitors,” said Matignon. The authorities fear a relaxation of barrier gestures. “People behave as if the pandemic was over, then she is not behind us”, warns a minister. The executive justified his caution, based on an opinion of the Scientific Council, published on October 7, urging the authorities not to use the health happens only when “the epidemiological situation warrants it more.”

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