Disclosed Details of development of a single vaccine from COVID-19 and influenza

A single vaccine against influenza and coronavirus infection of the center “Vector” will differ from the “epivakvoron” – the influenza A and B virus will be based on it with reference to the Novosibirsk Scientific Center.

in the “vector” added that a more previously developed experimental vaccine should be underway, including preceding studies, including preceding research.

It is noted that the vaccine being developed will be adjusted for new strains and influenza, and a coroanviral infection each season due to the use of genetic engineering and reverse genetics.

However, WHO recommends the developers of vaccines to estimate the effectiveness of the simultaneous use of drugs from coronavirus infection and from influenza.

Previously, Moderna announced the development of a single vaccine protecting from COVID-19 and seasonal flu. According to the representative of Moderna, the main priority of the company is to bring the vaccine against respiratory diseases to the market. The creators of the drug intend to constantly update the composition of the vaccine in accordance with common strains. The combined drug can be entered once, but its launch is not reported. Another American company Novavax is behaving such a development. The company has already conducted a testing of polyvaccines and are preparing to begin a mass release.

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