Revelation about state of hospitalized president of Czech Republic Zemrena

Czech President Milos Zeman is located in the branch of the anesthesiology and resuscitation of the Central Military Hospital (SVG) in Prague for patients who are inevitable to failure of basic life functions. It is reported by IDNES.

According to the publication, the status policy is stable. A brigade of physicians specializing in intensive therapy is caught. It also became known that the meeting planned on Wednesday with Prime Minister Andrei Babisch was canceled.

Newspaper reports that the Czech leader is in the highest level of intensive therapy. There are placed patients in a state of continuing violation of one or more vital functions, that is, people who live a direct threat.

Zemreni was hospitalized on October 10, on Sunday. The cause of hospitalization is unknown. Director of FLG and the attending physician

President Professor Miroslav stranged refused to disclose the patient’s diagnosis.

This is not the first hospitalization of politics this year. Last time, 77-year-old land was hospitalized in September. Then it was noted that the reason was the dehydration and easy depletion of the head of state.

/Media reports.