Scientists have learned to diagnose cancer in exhalation

An international group of scientists under the leadership of Russian Alexander Apolonian learned to diagnose cancer on the analysis of the patient’s exhalation. Developers note that such a way to identify the disease is 95 percent accurate, “Izvestia”.

For analysis, researchers took advantage of spectroscopy method, which allows you to see unique traces of individual varieties of molecules. It turned out that in eight ranges of spectra there are differences in patients and healthy people. So, the first is fixed by the imbalance of metabolites – one particles becomes greater, others less.

Specialists believe that five metabolites are the products of bacterial life. “We do not yet know what it is for bacteria. We only have candidates for this role. They settle in the urogenital system and very slowly, decades, grow. From the part of the population they provoke oncology,” explained Apolonian.

Research results can not only be used to diagnose cancer, but also to prevent the development of oncology, scientists believe.

Earlier, the main oncologist “SM-Clinic”, Alexander Seryakov said that coffee could alleviate the symptoms in patients with cancer. According to the doctor, it is only about natural coffee containing caffeine.

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