Superior bitcoin cryptocurrency

According to forecasts of market participants, Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in several years in terms of growth rates. CoinShares survey showed that 42 percent of investors call Ethereum cryptocurrency with the most convincing prospects.

In the future of Bitcoin, only 18 percent of market participants believe, although both cryptocurrencies occupy an equally important place among digital assets. And in Bitcoin, and in Ethereum is invested almost 30 percent of investors surveyed. Among other popular digital assets were Cardano and Polkadot.

The main reason for investment in cryptocurrency respondents (35 percent) called speculative strategies. 23 percent of respondents see in digital assets tool for diversifying portfolios. At the same time, the main concerns for investors are regulatory measures and the ban of cryptocurrency at the state level – these risks have become key to 58 percent of respondents.

At the time of writing, Ethereum news is trading at $ 3,668, according to the platform. For the year, cryptocurrency has grown in price of more than 900 percent. Ethereum capitalization reaches 421 billion dollars. Bitcoin costs 55 502 dollars. Market assessment of the most popular cryptocurrency is one trillion dollars.

On October 6, the price of bitcoin exceeded 55 thousand dollars. Because of the rapid growth, analysts began to give optimistic forecasts for the solid course of cryptocurrency. Analyst from TradingView predicted bitcoin to 100 thousand dollars.

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