Disclosed destructive heart health food habits

The blinding of the keto-diet can lead to heart disease, said the cardiologist and the chief medical correspondent Univision Juan Rivera, writes Eat this! Eat That!.

He called several food habits that destroy the health of the cardiovascular system. So, the wrong interpretation of the rules of the diet leads to excessive consumption of fats, an increase in cholesterol. “What is a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases,” the doctor revealed. He recommended wishing to lose weight to focus on “useful fats” contained in fish, avocado, nuts.

Love for desserts – including ice cream – “killers” heart health. Therefore, there is ice cream only in special cases, the specialist believes, and be sure to share with someone. Sabrina Hernandez nutritionist (Sabrina Hernandez) asks not to forget to eat enough fiber. It helps the heart, a colon, reduces cholesterol. Sources of fiber – oatmeal, beans, apples, citrus, whole grain wheat, carrots and other products. Doctors recommended to treat nutrition seriously and is not on the go. It will save from overeating and concentrates on useful products.

They advise there are salmon, linen seed, avocado, fruits, nuts that are useful for the heart. Even when complying with a diet with high-quality and healthy products, you should not eat a lot. The excess number of broccoli, salmon or film can also lead to excess kilograms and diseases.

Earlier in the development of medical medicine named after N. F. Mechanova stated that overvoltage, exercise, chemicals, production noise, high and low temperatures cause problems with the cardiovascular system.

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