In Latvia, they declared an emergency in health care due to Covid-19

The State Operational Medical Commission of Latvia announced an emergency in the health of the republic due to coronavirus. Reports about it “Sputnik Latvia.”

It is noted that the declaration of an emergency will allow therapeutic institutions throughout the country freely dispose of resources to assist patients with COVID-19.

Latvian Health Minister Daniel Pavluts said that there is a critical lack of medical staff in hospitals. “We can bring additional equipment, but we cannot increase the number of people who can work with this equipment,” the head of the Ministry of Health explained.

Pavluts added that the country’s authorities consider the opportunity to request international assistance to treat patients. He also made that Latvia can deploy a large field hospital for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

In July, Professor Immunology University of Uclouvain in Belgium Dr. Jean-Luc Gala said that the fourth wave of Coronavirus would inevitably overtake Europe in the fall. According to him, the number of cases of contamination coronavirus is growing due to the distribution of the new “Delta” -variant COVID-19, against which vaccines turned out to be less effective.

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