Reveal timing of test of a single vaccine from COVID-19 and influenza

Head of the Gamalei Center Alexander Ginzburg said that in Russia they created a technological platform for a single vaccine against influenza and coronavirus. Its clinical trials will begin at the end of 2022. This is written “Izvestia”.

“If this platform is fine, it is this technology that will work, then we turn to a more complex variant – combining the antigens of the hemagglutinin influenza in one vaccine simultaneously and, respectively, Coronavirus S-proteins,” he said.

Create a single influenza vaccination and coronavirus infection is necessary, since simultaneous infection with these diseases significantly increases the severity of seasonal flu and mortality from him, the chief researcher of the Gamalelia Center Victor Zuev said. He stressed, vaccinated only from influenza or only from COVID-19 is not enough to create immunity, as these are two different viruses. “The fact is that the subject of the disease is similar – the respiratory system, but these diseases, in general, very different from each other,” he added.

Previously, Moderna announced the development of a single vaccine protecting from COVID-19 and seasonal flu. According to the representative of Moderna, the main priority of the company is to bring the vaccine against respiratory diseases to the market. The creators of the drug intend to constantly update the composition of the vaccine in accordance with common strains. The combined drug can be entered once, but its launch is not reported. Another American company Novavax is behaving such a development. The company has already conducted a testing of polyvaccines and are preparing to begin a mass release.

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