Coronavirus vaccines were not always effective

Utrecht university scientists in the Netherlands found out that the differences in the immune system affect how coronavirus infection will affect the patient’s state. This explains why different people have different symptoms, from the lungs to severe, and why vaccines are not always effective. The results of the study are published in the Cell Systems magazine.

Although the number of deaths and hospitalizations has decreased significantly for fully vaccinated people, a new study showed that the immune system of each person is unique, as a result of which some people still seriously sick COVID-19.

Experts measured the profile of antibodies in a hundred people, including patients with COVID-19 and the vaccination, found that an increasing number of vaccinated people have rather low levels of antibodies (from 50 to 500 AU / ml). In such cases, the immune system may not respond to the vaccine as well as other people, and the level of antibodies can significantly decrease over time. Low antibodies affects high susceptibility to the virus.

scientists did not find the same antibody profiles in no person, even if they received the same vaccine. Experts found out that, although the differences in antibodies are small, it seems that it has a significant impact on immune protection against coronavirus. Such people may suffer from more serious symptoms or to infect COVID-19 again for a short time.

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