WHO warned about aggravation of vaccine inequality in world

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned about the aggravation of vaccine inequality in the world and stated that the use of booster vaccinations from COVID-19 will strengthen the uneven access to drugs. Published in Geneva The message quotes TASS.

The organization called on the world community to focus on expanding the primary vaccination of high priority groups in limited deliveries.

“ATTENTION is still focused on an urgent increase in the global vaccination coverage with primary series to protect against severe disease,” indicated in WHO, recalled that in national booster doses programs, not only the safety and efficacy of vaccines should be taken into account, but also their presence in the world.

Earlier WHO CEO Tedros Adan Hebresus, speaking at the World Forum of Leaders, announced the “terrible inequality” in access to Vaccines from COVID-19 in the world. He stressed that 75 percent of vaccines received countries with income above average and high levels of income, and less than half of one percent of worldwide were put into countries with low income.

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