Spiritual department of Muslims of Kazakhstan approved a domestic vaccine

Developed by the Research Institute of Biological Safety of Kazakhstan Vaccine from Coronavirus Infection “Qazvac” was inspected for halary. This is reported on the website of the Research Institute.

Representatives of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan approved the domestic drug after visiting the Pharmaceutical plant of OtarbiPharm, where vaccine is produced, and a thorough check of its components.

As a result of laboratory studies, it was found that there are no components of animal origin in the drug, so the clergy issued the vaccine producers the Halal certificate, which will allow the drug to vaccinate Muslims.

In addition to the “Qazvac” in Kazakhstan, the Russian “satellite V” and the Chinese drug SINOPHARM is used. Campaign for immunization from coronavirus began in Kazakhstan on February 1. At the end of June, vaccination has become mandatory for all citizens who do not have medical contraindications.

In August, it was reported that the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan was allowed to instill children from coronavirus over 12 years old by the American vaccine Pfizer. As noted by the leading infectionist of Kazakhstan Dinagul Baheyev, currently there is a critical situation with the incidence of children in the country, and therefore the authorities plan to instill at least 80 percent of citizens over 12 years.

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