Fruits declared cause of liver disease

One of the reasons for the occurrence of liver diseases is recognized as fruits, the Endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlova, said Radio Sputnik.

Medic recalled that the composition of the fruit includes carbohydrates, glucose and fructose. If you eat fruit in large quantities, the latter can lead to non-alcoholic liver disease. To avoid this problem, you need to separate fruits when used and avoid excessive love for them. “In the bone fruit more contains glucose and less fructose. And in the seeds – more fructose and less glucose,” she added. For example, in apples more fructose, in apricots – glucose.

Endocrinologist explained, glucose is processed under the action of insulin. Then it turns into energy and fat stocks. She called the causes of organ disease: fructose is all captured by the liver proteins.

The doctor advised me to eat fruit with other products. A snacking fruit, a person gets glucose and fructose, which leads to an insulin emission. Avoid liver disease will help protein.

Earlier, Russian scientists revealed in the fir restoring the liver of an alcoholic substance. Terpenes contained in the trunk and roots of this plant have the strongest hepatoprotective properties.

/Media reports.