China described consequences of nuclear strike of Europe in Russia

The consequences of a nuclear strike of Europe in Russia may be catastrophic – but rather for the countries of the European Union, and not for Moscow. With this opinion, a note was made by the Chinese edition of Baijiahao, the quotes leads “Moscow Komsomolets”.

The publication describes that in Europe the most combed to be the United Kingdom, France and Germany, but they have nuclear weapons only in London and Paris. The authors of the publication are confident that alone they will not be able to surrender against Russia. “If Britain, France and Germany will unite to combat Russia, it will seem to hit the eggs about the stone,” – citate “MK”.

It is noted that the most powerful missile of Britain is Trident, the flight range of which is 12 thousand kilometers. At the same time, the country has no opportunity to produce nuclear weapons, existing technologies are serviced by the US specialists. France has a missile M51, which is more perfect than trident. However, the state of the nuclear arsenal of the French raises questions.

In the amount of Paris and London there are about 500 rockets, but it is nothing “in comparison with the Russian six thousand ballistic missiles”, confident in the Chinese edition.

/Media reports.