Rumors about interruptions with delivery of “Dashirak” refuted

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Ryazan Region denied rumors about the shortage of fast-food noodles “Dashirak” due to partial stop of production. The department stated that the Ryazan Factory did not stop the work and continues to ship goods, writes TASS.

“Disseminated news about alleged interruptions contains documents that were distributed four months ago, and during this time there were no passages in the shipment. About why there are no products in the regions of the Urals, we will understand, but in fact, with production in Ryazan, everything Normally. According to our information, there were no delays and stops production, “said the representative of the Ministry of Alexey Lavrenev. The official called the media messages false and promised that the Office will check the sources of information.

Earlier on regional news sites, information appeared that with the shelves of Russian shops began to disappear “Dashik.” The lack of goods stated in Krasnoyarsk and Volgograd – trading networks “Commander” and “Purchase” received notifications from the manufacturer about a possible decrease in supply volumes due to the suspension of the plant in Ryazan.

After the distribution of messages in the media, the inhabitants of Volgograd and Krasnoyarsk began to actively buy “Dashirak”. Eyewitnesses report that buyers make goods from shops with whole boxes, and store warehouses are empty. Similar messages come from Moscow, Moscow writes 24. Twitter users lay out photos of empty showcases.

The trademark “Dashirak” belongs to the company “Korea Yakult”. The Asian company has been working in Ryazan since 2008 and produces noodles, potato mashed potatoes and rapid oatmeal. This plant produces 250 million products per year.

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